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Hello and welcome to...

On Friendship and Chairs

I’m Katy, and in 2018 I opened my first ever shop selling vintage furniture, homeware, gifts, candles, jewellery and lots of other nice, quirky, and unusual things.


I moved from London to Market Harborough in Leicestershire, to open the shop in the same building my grandparents ran as an antique shop more than 25 years before. ​But now, having updated and adapted the family business, the time has come to bring it back to London... with the first London shop opening in N1 in November 2019.

The name and the Philosophy


The name came out of a book I found in a dusty cupboard in my grandparents house - a book by Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang. His philosophy on friendship and chairs is this... 


That the sign of true friendship is to enter someone’s home and make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can... by reclining on armchairs, ‘lolling’ across the furniture and putting your feet up on the coffee table. 

In the words of Lin Yutang himself:


“Today any man who calls himself another’s friend must not be afraid to put his legs on top of a desk in his friend’s room [...]


After all, to make oneself at home and look restful, is only to help one’s host or hostess succeed in the difficult art of hospitality.”


And so, inspired by Lin Yutang, we’re selling furniture and homeware (old and new) to help you make your home as welcoming and comfortable as possible. To create a unique space that invites admiration (of course) but also lots of lolling and friendship.


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