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On Friendship and Chairs

On Friendship in Chairs opened in December 2019. Based on the border of Hackney and Islington, we specialise in mid-century furniture, as well vintage homeware and gifts.


The name and the  Philosophy...


The name comes from the 1937 book 'The Importance of Living' - by Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang. His philosophy on friendship and chairs is this... 


That the sign of true friendship is to enter someoneโ€™s home and make yourself as comfortable as possible... by reclining on armchairs, โ€˜lollingโ€™ across the furniture and putting your feet up on the coffee table. 


In the words of Lin Yutang himself:


โ€œToday any man who calls himself anotherโ€™s friend must not be afraid to put his legs on top of a desk in his friendโ€™s room [...]


After all, to make oneself at home and look restful, is only to help oneโ€™s host or hostess succeed in the difficult art of hospitality.โ€


And so, inspired by Lin Yutang, weโ€™re selling furniture and homeware (old and new) to help you make your home as welcoming and comfortable as possible. To create a unique space that invites admiration - but also lots of lolling and friendship.


You can find us on King Henry's Walk - a few moments away from Dalston Kingsland Overground station, or you can be the first to hear about our latest stock by subscribing to the newsletter here

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