Coffee Beans roasted locally in Homerton, as served in our takeaway coffee shop.


This coffee has a satsuma acidity and notes of sweet chocolate and nuts.

'Lost Highway' Coffee Beans by Dark Arts - 250g

  • Brazil, Serra Negra
    Varietal: Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Typica
    Process: Natural
    Altitude: 900 - 1200 masl

    This coffee is grown in the southeastern state of Brazil, Minas Gerais and aside from being the birthplace of great musicians like Milton Nascimento, Sepultura, mutilator and Sarcófago, It is also famous for its coffee production. The state of Minas Gerais is the same size as France and is the biggest coffee-producing state in all of Brazil which is also the largest coffee producing country in the world. Brazil produces up for 30% of global coffee production.



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