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On Friendship and Chairs

We believe in friendship. And we believe in chairs (/furniture in general). And we believe that the two are linked. 


Your furniture plays a big role in creating your home - a place that is comfortable, welcoming, cosy, and a little piece of you. A place where (pandemics aside) you welcome your friends, and invite them into your life - to share tea, coffee, wine, food, conversation, laughter & experiences.  


And according to philosopher Lin Yutang (our original inspiration), any true friend will show their appreaciation of your home and invitation by making themselves comfortable. They will recline on your armchairs, lol across your furniture and put their feet up on the coffee table.

​       "After all, to make oneself at home and look restful, is only to help one’s host or hostess succeed in the difficult art of hospitality.”
     - Lin Yutang, ‘The Importance of Living’ ,1937

And so logically... the nicer your furniture, and the more inviting your home, the more friends you'll have.

Based on the border of Hackney and Islington, we specialise in afforable Mid-Century furniture. We also sell a selection of both new and vintage homeware, as well as giftscards and now coffee

And so we make it our goal to sell affordable, mid-century furniture and useful, beautiful homeware - to help you build your home. To create a space that is a piece of you, where you can invite your friends for lots of lolling on furniture... and friendship.

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on King Henry's Walk - a couple of minutes from Dalston Kingsland Station.


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