Creative Ideas for TV stands

TVs are a key fixture in the majority of homes across the country. However, they are not usually the most aesthetic pieces in the room, whilst their stands are often chunky, with designs focused more on function rather than style. So here are some interior-decor friendly ideas for how to display your much loved television, and help it blend in with your interior style.

1. Ladderax Shelving Unit:

Ladderax is a modular shelving system that was first introduced in the 1960s. Created by British designer Robert Heal, it quickly gained popularity due to its exceptional versatility and adaptability. The system is based on a ladder-like framework that allows for various configurations, making it perfect for spaces of all sizes and shapes. 

All of the pieces are adjustable and removable so you can build the perfect space for your TV whilst also adding loads of storage to your living space.

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2. Repurposed Furniture.

Get creative and repurpose existing furniture pieces as TV stands. For example, an old dresser or a vintage chest of drawers can be transformed into a unique and functional TV stand.  This approach not only looks fantastic and give your living space a retro flare, but it also gives a second life to furniture that might otherwise be discarded.

Find the perfect piece of furniture to transform into a TV stand website here.

3. Industrial Pipe and Wood:

For an industrial and rustic vibe, consider using industrial pipe and wood to create a custom TV stand. This DIY project allows you to design a stand that perfectly fits your space and style. Combine wooden planks with metal pipes and fittings to construct a sturdy and visually appealing TV stand. You can also add shelves or storage compartments to accommodate media devices, DVDs, or other accessories.

4. Multi-Functional Stands:

Maximize the functionality of your TV stand by opting for a multi-functional design. Look for stands that incorporate additional features like built-in speakers, storage drawers, or even a fireplace. These stands not only provide a platform for your TV but also offer added convenience and versatility. Consider your specific needs and choose a stand that complements your lifestyle.

Remember, by thinking outside the box and exploring creative ideas, you can enhance the style and functionality of your living space.

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