How To: Assemble Ladderax at Home

Assembling Ladderax

Please note, two pairs of hands are usually needed!

  1. Stand two ladders upright in the desired room position. For ladders which only have one foot, one side should be placed up against the wall to keep them
  2. Whilst one person holds onto the ladders to stop them toppling over, the other person can grab a pair of supporting rods. Join the ladders together by hooking the supporting rods to the rungs of the Ladders in parallel pairs in your chosen position. Add one pair for each shelf or cabinet you are planning to add. 
  3. Now add your shelves and cabinet units by placing then on top of the supporting rods. You will find that each shelf and cabinet has two parallel grooves on the underside.
    Press the supporting rods firmly into these grooves to ensure that each unit is kept securely in place.
  4. Secure any cabinets with the hook clamps provided. These are to prevent cabinets tipping forward and to stiffen up the assembly. They consist of screw-ended hooks which pass through holes in the top back part of the cabinet and over the adjoining rung of a ladder. They are held in position with a thumb screw on the inside. One end of the hook is screwed, the other resting in a blind hole as shown in the diagram below. 


  5. Screw the metal ladders to the wall using screws and wall plugs. Holes are provided for this at the back. The unit will stay upright without the screws in place, however they are necessary to stop the whole unit falling forwards. This is essentially for safety, especially around children or pets. If you’re unsure how to securely attach the ladders to the wall then we would recommend hiring a handyman to help you secure them in place. 
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